Monday, August 3, 2009

Water for Elephants ♥♥♥♥♥

Where to begin! This book was beyond and beyond AMAZING! I still can't believe how great this book was and I am sad I finished it. I would have loved to keep reading it and not have it end! Sara Gruen did a great job with her story. It is about life at a circus being told by Jacob who joined a circus when he was 23 years old but now he is 90 or 93. When you read this, it is so full of detail and it makes it so real and you feel as if you're right there present with everyone else from the circus. The details helps you pictures the scene with no fail and it is a great way to see how circus life is behind the scenes when they are not performing. It's full of excitement, fun, drama, surprises & suspense! Jacob's time in the circus was during the 1930s or so and during The Great Depression too. You'll become attached to the characters, you'll find yourself laughing and you'll want to keep reading this book and not want to even take a break! and you'll see why it is called 'Water for Elephants' too. You just have to read it! I absolutely loved it and I know you will too. I HIGHLY recommend :)

5 hearts out of 5


  1. That good, huh? I should def. put this on my to read list then.

  2. It sounds really good! I'll be sure to look it up next time I'm in the library :) xx