Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Boy Detective Fails by Joe Meno

I picked this book up at an independent bookstore I found with my friend in Berkeley California. Its quite a good read and I'm glad to have picked it up to buy it. The reason i bought it was because it said that it was the saddest book, and that got my attention. The boy detective is named Billy. He went off to college leaving behind a sister who he experienced fun detective games with as a child. His sister never got to solve mysteries herself. She wasn't as good as her brother who she looked up to. She commits suicide, a mystery Billy was unable to solve as to why she did it. Billy Argo stayed at a mental hospital for 10 years, and after leaving takes a job, takes anti depressant and anti anxiety pills and starts an investigation on a hard to crack case. He also starts working on putting together pieces of clues to his sister's death.

Here are some reviews I found from Shelfari members :

"What an amazing dreamlike world. Odd , sad and romantic with a dash of nostalgia for those who love Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, or superheroes" -andy

"I loved this. Dark humor, touching, , inventive = grand. " -Nick P.

"So heart warming yet very sad to read about this boy and his lost childhood" -Danielle

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